We have recently been commissioned by both private sector and government agencies to work closely with Kylie and her Place Partners team on challenging urban development projects in the United Arab Emirates, Perth and Melbourne. Place Partners are great collaborators; are always well researched and are at the forefront of global leading practice in their field.

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Lived experiences impact perceptions of a place

2015 has been a defining year for me. It has been a year of hard work, and achievements; but what defines it most for me is how much more nuanced my understanding of cities and the forces that work to shape and define communities has become.

The realisation  that everyone’s Sydney is unique to them and their lived experience has been crystallised through the surveying that I have been a part of with Place Partners. Everyone’s perspective and opinion is true for them, and determines ultimately how they view and interact with their city. My Sydney is very different to your Sydney which is very different to the person seated next to you in the office; and it was not until I was able to recognise this and truly understand it, that I could separate my own biases and judgements about a place from my work with it. I am not claiming to be wholly unbiased, as that is not only impossible but also dangerous as a place maker. You need to have emotions about a place and to be invested in its outcomes in order to do it justice. But it is just as important to be able to recognise that your own opinions and biases aren’t the only source of truth about a place and hold only as much value as the next persons when analysing it and attempting to come up with solutions to help address or solve some of the challenges facing a site. - Emma Fitzgerald