Design is directed toward human beings. To design is to solve human problems by identifying them and executing the best solution.

Ivan Chermayeff, graphic designer


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This year I learned how to use the word ‘place making’ in a sentence!

Having worked in the field of architecture in Australia and overseas for a few years, I decided it was about time I rediscovered the reason why I wanted study architecture. After a brief hiatus travelling around North America and getting lost in the neighbourhoods of beautiful cities like New York, Toronto, Chicago, New Orleans and St Louis, I returned to Perth ready for a change. I concluded that I was less interested in the bricks and mortar of our cities, and more interested in the way we use spaces, our patterns of movement and how we inhabit the tangible ‘objects’ that architects create.

Although I had heard the word ‘place making’ before, 2014 was the year I understood what it really meant because this was the year I moved to Sydney to join Place Partners. I learnt that that the word ‘place’ means much more than simply a location. Its social, cultural, political, environmental and economic fabric defines the nature of a place, and the ways in which people interact with it determine whether it is successful or not. I learnt that the act of place making is about enhancing the characteristics, which exist there already, determining a place’s potential and responding to the values and aspirations specific to the local community. I learnt that place making goes beyond the confines of the design process, and draws upon several fields including anthropology, place management and marketing in order to adopt a holistic approach to the creation and maintenance of great public places. And finally...I learnt that the word ‘place making’ pretty much sums up why I enrolled in an architecture degree all those years ago! – Claudia Rosario, Intern