The twentieth century was about getting around. The twenty-first century will be about staying in a place worth staying in.

James Howard Kunstler


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Community led revitalisation in Singleton


We are really excited to be working with Singleton Council to help kickstart a place making program in 5 places across the LGA.

Last week we were busy visiting Broke, Bulga, Jerrys Plains, Hermitage Road and Singleton, talking with the local communities about what makes their place unique, what their community needs and what quick-win projects they could do to make their place better.

We had a great response to the workshops and met some fantastic ‘long locals’ and ‘new locals’. They bought a lot of enthusiasm about their place and discussed some great ideas about how to make them better.  Even the Singleton Argus (the local newspaper) got excited about the project in an article 'Think tank pink plan'

We are looking forward to seeing the results, and of course photographic evidence of each of the communities rolling up their sleeves, achieving their projects and celebrating the success. 

Penrith Public Domain Masterplan Update

We've all been really busy working away on the Penrith City Centre Public Domain Masterplan that we've been commissioned to undertake in partnership with Spackman Mossop Michaels and Cred Community Planning. We've been engaging with the community through business and shopper surveys, street stands on High Street as well as interviews and a community workshop. 

We've also been spending a lot of time on High and Station Streets familiarising ourselves with the people and businesses by completing place audits and behaviour mapping. Everything is going smoothly, and we still have some really exciting work ahead of us! 

US (mini) book tour

Hi All

I just got back from a great (and too quick) visit to the US; travelling through Los Angeles, Portland, New York and Detroit. If there was a time to be releasng 'Doing it Differently', it really is now. With a seemingly complete lack of funding for even basic maintenance of infrastructure lets alone new works, community led projects or 'tactical urbanism' is really the most appropriate and achievable action to get quick results on the ground.

The good news for me is that the book was really well received and that I will hopefully be able to let our American and Canadian friends of local bookstores and distributers that you can buy the book from.

Alternatively you can always buy online and we will deliver to your door just visit

For those of you who dont know me, I was fortunate enough to work at the Museum of Modern Art in New York for 9 months at the end of the 90s and the internal courtyard garden is still one of my most favourite places in the world. Thanks to the Design Curator Paola Antonelli I enjoyed a beautiful spring day there and managed to get this shot in of Doing it Differently in situ.

Watch this space bacause I will be sharing more stories form the trip soon

Kylie Legge


After months of anticipation Doing It Differently, the first book of the Urban Trends series, is finally available! 

Doing It Differently looks at a range of creative and innovative solutions to the challenges of urban living. It's often the young and differently minded who find ways to respond to local problems that policy and bureaucracy could take years to even acknowledge. It's all about creativity and innovative entrepreneurship, pop ups, collaboration and the sometimes seemingly crazy. 

Thanks again to all of the supporters who have helped to spread the word! We're all so excited about the final result, it looks absolutely fantastic.You can buy your copy at Ariel and Berkelouw Books, or grab one off the website here. You wanna know the best part? It only costs $24.95!

'Doing It Differently' Has Gone To Print!

We’re really excited about Kylie’s upcoming Urban Trends book - ‘Doing It Differently’. The first of a 3 part series, this book looks at a range of creative and innovative solutions to the challenges of living in cities. The book covers a whole range of trends including Collaborative Consumption, Collaborative Urbanism, The Pop Up Movement and Creative Catalyst, providing a snapshot of collaborative efforts across the globe.

We had the book posted up on Pozible, which was a great success. Not only did we reach over the funding goal, but the project supporters were able to help to spread the word! ... And funnily enough we talk about crowdfunding in the book too.

I'll leave you with a few fun facts from the book... 

· Oklahoma’s Mayor has put his city on a diet aiming to lose 1,000,000 pounds of people fat through their new healthy city strategies

· People who live in car dependent neighbourhoods spend 16% more on transportation than their peers in neighbourhoods with other options

· 5 of the USA's saddest cities are in Florida

Stay tuned to find out how to get your copy!


The Urban Power of Twitter!

If you’re already on twitter, you know what we mean, if you’re not, you should be! Twitter is a powerful resource for staying connected, informed and aware of happenings here in Australia and abroad. It combines the best features of facebook and Linkedin to provide professionals with breaking news in real time. In terms of place making, experts in our field are frequently posting links to great articles, impressive stories and important discussions and all in 140 characters or less!

To get you started, we have compiled our top 4 twitter place making experts for you to follow:

And of course us...

Or just hash tag search #placemaking!

Our Online Engagement Tool Just Got Smarter!

The Place Partners online engagement tool is now accessible by phone! We’re really excited about it and how it will make life easier for people to instantly upload and share images straight from the comfort of their smart phone! Users of the tool will be able to send through a picture of their most loved place as an example of doing things right, or their most hated space for need of improvement!

The engagement tool also encourages participation in forums, surveys and allows users to register for upcoming events and workshops.

Email us to register your interest and for bespoke packages available for your business. 

Our Video Gets 400 Hits on Youtube!

Thanks to everyone for their feedback and continued interest in our short video on Sydney's evolving story! We are now thinking of doing the same for other cities in Australia! Let us know if you think your city has something to share! Contact us via email to let us know!

Sussex Lane Pop Up

You missed it! Sussex Lane in Sydney turned green, but just as quickly as the grass was laid, so too was it taken away!

The Sussex Lane Pop Up resembled nothing of its concrete past as for the past two days it was transformed into a green oasis. Users of the space were not only encouraged to take a seat but also play a game of bocce and enjoy a coffee or glass of vino from one of the small cafes/restaurants nearby. 

What was not expected, or programmed as part of the event, was the rain! Sydney has just experienced one of the wettest months on record and this did not help the situation with real turf covering the entire area, collecting water, and turning the space into a giant mudscape. Luckily reinforcements were called in and the grass was replaced before too many heels got stuck! 

Once the lane returned to its green temporary self, it became host to both Pecha Kucha and Greenups - two unique presentation styles that discussed green initiatives happening in the city! Our friends at Sam Crawford Architects were there and so too were the Sydney intsagram community who catalogued the event through pictures. 

The temporary nature of such spaces creates excitement within the city - unexpected surprises at every turn! But they also highlight sustainable living, citizens taking ownership of the world around them and the importance of high quality gathering spaces. We at Place Partners love intiatives like this and whatever their outcome believe they are positive steps towards changing how we see and use our city, and all for the better! 

Watch the video here


Weekly Photo: Our Local Area

After 16 weeks of our weekly photo campaign the character (or at least visual character) of our local area is starting to emerge! But we need your help!

If your a local Paddington/Darlo resident, work in the area or are just a big fan, let us know if something is missing and we'll try and capture it over the coming weeks!