Quality sidewalks and protected bicycle paths are not cute architectural features; they are a right, unless we believe that only those with access to a car have the right to safe individual mobility.

Enrique Peñalosa, former mayor of Bogotá, Colombia


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Peter Newman receives the Sidney Luker Award 2011

Last night Place Partners attended the 2011 Sidney Luker presentation hosted by Norton Rose at Grosvenor Place, Sydney.  The Sidney Luker Award was presented to Peter Newman for his notable contribution to town and country planning.

After being introduced by Julie Bindon and awarded with the honour, Peter provided us with an insight into some learnings and past experiences as a town and country planner. Peter began by introducing the theory of 'peak oil' and what role that might have to play in the health of our cities. He used the GFC of 2008 as an important reminder that our cities are vulnerable if dependent on cars, "in the US, entire towns closed down, people just lived too far from the city, from their place of work". 

To combat this issue and create more resilient cities, Peter's work at Infrastructure Australia has been focussed on delivering high quality urban rail projects instead of motorways, freeways and roads. As a result, Infrastructure Australia has allocated 55% of its funding for urban rail projects. This he says will be critical in encouraging people to leave their cars at home and will further support national trends in "decreasing car usage and increasing use of public transport". In terms of public transport usage, Sydney by far leads the way but has remained relatively stable over the past few decades. Sydney has also been slow to provide public transport to new growth areas with "the west being 10 times more dependent on cars than the inner city" he says. 

Peter suggested it will be up to Gen Y to really make a difference and kick off a cultural change towards transport use and sustainable cities, "they don't want to talk about it anymore, they just want to do it". He suggested youth prefer public transport over the car because they can remain connected; using social media, listening to music and socialising. 

He finished by reiterating his concerns for the future of our cities and suggested the built environment professions are best placed to combat this crisis - promoting and guiding the development of carbon-free and oil-free cities. 

Weekly Photo: Green Park

A weekly photo of a street, person, business or activity that adds to the identity of our local area!

This week we take a look at the always busy but never crowded, Green Park. People usually come to the park in larger groups – enjoying the open space, talking over lunch, or just taking a quick break between everyday tasks. Its comfortable atmosphere is at odds with the hustle and bustle of the inner city and provides a passive, formal and well maintained open space enjoyed by all. 

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Weekly Photo: It's all about intimacy!

A weekly photo of a street, person, business or activity that adds to the identity of our local area!

An enclosed space, like this lane off South Dowling Street, is a public front yard and a great example of an intimate place. The eclectic and unprogrammed mix of pot plants, outdoor seating and soccer ball add to its charm and provide a strong sense of local ownership of place. Imagine if we had more streets in our cities that were fully embraced by their communities - a new adventure at every intersection!


Weekly Photo: Cafe's that just keep giving...

A weekly photo of a street, person, business or activity that adds to the identity of our local area!

A great way to localise your business and connect with your customers - a prophet sign updated weekly shares valuable insights into our daily lives! Which one are you - postman, whale, rabbit or tortoise?

Free City Talk a Great Success!

Last night Place Partners hosted a free city talk on 'Collaborative Urbanism: working together to make our cities great' as part of our annual talk series. The night was a great success with over 70 people attending.

Thanks to everyone who helped out before and on the day, to our speakers for sharing their time and energy, and for those who attended to hear them speak! But special mention must also go out to Tara, our Intern here at Place Partners, who kept things running before and on the day.  

Looking to the future - I guess over the coming weeks we will start to bounce ideas around for our 2012 talk - let us know your thoughts on what we should be speaking about in 12months?!

If you missed the talk or just want to relive the moment - click HERE for a recap.

Or just want to see pictures from the night click Facebook

Weekly Photo: Urban Art

A weekly photo of a street, person, business or activity that adds to the identity of our local area!

A work of art, a political statement or just fun? This front door and side gate create interest to the front of this terrace along Fitzroy Street. 


Weekly Photo: The Savvy Entrepreneur

A weekly photo of a street, person, business or activity that adds to the identity of our local area!

A local character - the window cleaner - can regularly be seen at the intersection of South Dowling and Oxford Street. The window cleaner takes full advantage of slower traffic lights, with some entertaining motorists and passers-by with singing and even dancing!  What people make the area you live in special?

The ICTC - a perfect excuse to discover Hobart

As some of you may know, Kylie is currently in Hobart, presenting a paper titled 'Collaborative Urbanism: cities brought back to life by their communities'.

While attending events organised by the ICTC occupies most of the day, there is still plenty of time to check out the city! Here are some moments captured by iphone:

Weekly Photo: Thursday night pop-up market at Taylor Square

A weekly photo of a street, person, business or activity that adds to the identity of our local area!

We’re back at Taylor Square as the month long night pop-up market brings this space to life on Thursdays.