Looking at city life is one of the most important and most popular urban attractions. People watching is a universal activity that takes place constantly as we walk, stand or sit.

Jan Gehl, Cities for People


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Weekly Photo: Taylor Square

A weekly photo of a street, person, business or activity that adds to the identity of our local area!

With cycling becoming more popular, given the warmer months, global trends and locally with the bike film festival days away, let us know your experiences as a cyclist on Sydney's streets...



Weekly Photo: The Hatmaker

This week marks the start of our weekly photo series! The series will capture a street, person, business or activity that adds to the identity of our local area! 

This week, Place Partners celebrates the opening of the Hatmaker on South Dowling Street. 

We're famous! Park(ing) Day makes news!

Check Kylie and John out in the Wentworth Courier...doesn't look forced much


World PARK(ing) Day - Oxford Street Paddington

On Friday 16th September 2011, Place Partners installed a giant snakes and ladders board in a parking space across from our offices on Oxford Street, Paddington. This installation was inspired by PARK(ing) Day, an annual, worldwide event that invites citizens everywhere to transform metered parking spots into temporary parks for the public good. We first heard about this when undertaking research on Collaborative Urbanism and thought it might be a great way to engage with our local community, business traders and daily commuters. What we noticed was that once installed, the park actually generated considerably interest, slowing traffic and encouraging pedestrians to pause along their journey. We received many positive comments from shoppers, workers, shop owners, and even the occasional beep from passing cars.

In partnership with a local business we starting asking pedestrians; 'What's your favourite place', and posting their comments on the business window just near our park. The response was amazing and a tough decision for most. A number of responses were based on recreational spaces; including the beach and favourite parks, while others were places like Santorini, Soho and Rome. Interestingly, over half of the responses were international places.

Thanks to everyone involved and to the local community of Paddington!

Looking forward to a bigger and better PARK(ing) Day next year!

Everything old is new again

So the first blog on our brand new site - it feels like it should be something special!!!

Hopefully you will enjoy our new site - we want it to be really interactive but also to keep giving you that information you are looking for - not just about Place Partners but about place making as a whole. You will still be able to find our papers and presentations but also educational material from further afield, great case studies, interesting people and of course your own opinions - check out world's best place - loving that we are getting your perspective.

Feel free to let us know what's working (or not) for you - what you'd like more or less of etc etc

I assume there will be a bit of bug management over the next few weeks so bear with us!