I have worked with Place Partners on numerous projects in Melbourne.  Kylie Legge is an excellent facilitator and somehow manages to herd stakeholders with differing points of view towards a common understanding.  I would highly recommend Place Partners.

Tom Maidment, Development Manager VicUrban


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Biblio.Bato: Floating Library designed for Youth

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JOHN loves this library! Not your usual 'run of the mill' kind of space, this library is a fusion of street culture and represents the evolving place character of the City of Bordeaux. Located on the upper deck of a moored ferry, its focus is on electronic music and digital arts and represents a new take on the traditional library model. As such its primary market is the 15-35 year olds who are attracted to the many video games, films, magazines and novels on offer. While the initiative is only temporary, its a simple and innovative way to attract youth back into educational spaces.  

Photo source: (https://www.facebook.com/Biblio.bato)