The twentieth century was about getting around. The twenty-first century will be about staying in a place worth staying in.

James Howard Kunstler


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The League of Resonance - Grass Roots Activation on a Small Scale

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"Creating art works that involve interactivity, collaboration and live participation, artists Jessica Olivieri, Sarah Rodigari and Jason Maling led The League of Resonance, a Melbourne based arts project that focused on interaction with the community.

A co-production with the Art and Participation Program, the intention of the project was to appoint artists as an alternative method for Council to engage with the city night experience and explore diverse experiences and views.

The artistic outcomes aimed to provide a counterpoint to late night culture and the program was designed to activate the space with positivity, romance and humour thereby creating a softer alternative to an area that is quickly gaining a reputation for the inverse.

Engaging with the site and the inhabitants from December 2010 the initial research and development phase informed performative works at the intersection of Elizabeth and Flinders Street from February through to April 2011."