Placemaking, and a good English garden, depend entirely on principle and have very little to do with fashion.

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Michael Mobbs

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Michael Mobbs is a proud and long time Chippendale resident who has successfully translated his own passion for the environment and sustainable living into a physical and social makeover of his local street.

Michael began with the renovation of his own house so that it would use less resources. He successfully retrofitted the family’s terrace house, on a standard size Sydney block, to enable the collection all their drinking water from the roof, generate all of their own electricity and process all of their wastewater, including sewage, on site.

Taking this personal quest to the streets outside his home, and thinking specifically about food miles and the sheer cost of food production to the environment, he began planting fruit trees on the grass verge. With strong neighbourhood support for the idea, there are three city blocks that are now lined with vegetables, herbs and fruit trees that have ben planted for the community, by the community.

While no Council permission was sought in the beginning of this process, Michael has subsequently found allies within Council, notably the Lord Mayor Clover Moore, who has since appointed a Community Gardens Coordinator for the city. Michael’s aim: educate with action!