Looking at city life is one of the most important and most popular urban attractions. People watching is a universal activity that takes place constantly as we walk, stand or sit.

Jan Gehl, Cities for People


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New Planner Journal Placemaking Special - September 2015

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Kylie Legge was recently invited to be the guest editor for the September 2015 issue of New Planner Journal, which was a placemaking special that looked at planning and placemaking through various lenses. 

Kylie's editorial discussed the evolution of placemaking - what exactly is it, and how can it help to create, enhance and manage places that are attractive and meaningful to people.

Our Junior Placemaker Stefanie also had her article published, titled "Mind the gap - rethinking public transport as a valuable public space". The article urges for a more holistic and progressive approach to transport planning that is user-focused.

Read the full articles below.

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