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Newsletter Issue 02 - City Image

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Kylie’s early November trip to Dubai, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi, as a follow up to our project work on the Al Ain City Image Management Strategy, provided some interesting insights into this mercurial market. With Dubai facing an extended pause in its intensely active history, our attention has moved to Abu Dhabi where deep wells of funding promise the actual delivery of its 2030 strategy. With such resources the challenge is no longer how to deliver? – rather, are we sure what we deliver will work? It is an interesting conundrum for developers and government agencies that have rarely had the time to ponder such notions. As such our place making approach provided them with a real opportunity to assess a master plan’s potential to attract people, encourage sociability and therefore drive economic activity. Place Partner’s quadruple top line approach considering criteria from the social, economic, environmental and cultural quadrants allows a holistic review of proposed new developments and the opportunity to refine plans to prioritise the future users of that place. 

This place making process is almost the inverse of the earliest international place making which saw the users of a place instigating its evolution and improvement: a grass roots effort that was personal and deeply ingrained in community. As professional place makers we are fortunate to work on both ends of this spectrum; supporting and encouraging community efforts on one hand, and representing their values and aspirations on the other. 

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