Each of us brings such a private map along and revises it every time we step out the door. These maps have consequences not just for our feelings about the city but for our literal ability to negotiate it. 

Michael Sorkin, Twenty Minutes in Manhattan


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Penrith's Trial Park Transformation

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Penrith's temporary park, to be installed and launched in October and trialled for one year, will be a people-friendly gateway to the CBD defining the retail core of High Street. It will support economic revitalisation by involving business operators in the creative transformation and enticing visitors to discover what’s new and what’s on offer from surrounding local businesses, eateries and services.

The trial park is the first stage in delivering a permanent future park envisioned under the Penrith City Centre Public Domain Masterplan. This is inspired by the approach of Tactical Urbanism, as coined by Mike Lydon: “short term action, long term change” (see: Tactical Urbanism Vol. 2). 

Place Partners and Penrith City Council, in collaboration with Mike Lydon, The Lot and UTS, facilitated a 1 day workshop with local businesses, designers and creative thinkers to come up with a design for the trial park on 19 September 2013. Construction has begun and is expected to be complete by the end of October 2013. 

Check out the photos from the workshop here