The human backside is a dimension architects seem to have forgotten.

William H. Whyte


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PIA NSW Great Place Commendation

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The Penrith Trial Park just keeps giving and not only to the locals! Place Partners and Penrith City Council were awarded the commendation in the PIA NSW Planning Awards. The jury’s citation read "The project turned a poor quality space into a fantastic public meeting space that has elements of playfulness but meets good urban criteria. The judges believe this is an exemplary model of how Council can work with community to deliver not only something special, but ephemeral”.

We are especially delighted to receive such honour from Australia’s main planning professional organisation, Planning Institute Australia, because the term planning is generally used to describe a top-down approach to creating spaces. As we advocate more bottom-up, community-based design process – also known as place making – we hope to see more councils considering the community input, more communities feeling empowered and having a say in how they live, and more designers taking this collaborative approach.