The human backside is a dimension architects seem to have forgotten.

William H. Whyte


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Renew Australia

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WE LOVE Renew Australia and Renew Newcastle! The 'Renew' campaign began in Newcastle in 2008 to revitalise the city centre and was officially launched as a national organisation in 2011! The inititaive catalyses economic development through the leasing of vacant shops for cheap rent. As more shops are leased, further activation is encouraged, momentum builds and the liveability of inactive spaces is improved. 

Since its implementation the campaign has contributed to much international gossip surrounding Newcastle, with the city being named in the top 10 places to visit in 2011 by the popular travel guide, Lonely Planet. Just 2 years after the program was initiatied and Newcastle is still reaping the rewards with close to 70 new businesses and initiatives being developed during that time period. 

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