I worked with Place Partners as part of a major design workshop for an urban regeneration project in Melbourne and would highly recommend them. Kylie provided insight and expertise whilst bringing energy to the process.

Phil Carter, ARUP


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What activities would attract you to visit and spend time in a place?

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Our most recent poll on the Place Partners website asked ‘What activities would attract you to visit and spend time in a place?’ So what did you think?

Almost half (46%) of voters selected markets/street vendors as the primary activity that would attract them to visit and stay in a place. The public market is a great placemaking tool as it offers an opportunity to re-integrate locally produced food and goods into community life. This has been made increasingly difficult with the inundation of supermarkets and chain stores in our neighbourhoods and cities. Markets create strong local networks by establishing connections between suppliers, vendors and consumers and encouraging people to immerse themselves in the social and cultural life of their community. Additionally, markets contribute to the local economy by promoting shopping locally – which is particularly important in the age of globalisation. Many of the world’s great cities, including Barcelona and New York, support a diverse range of thriving public markets.

Live music/performance/busking came in second with 18% of votes. These types of activities are good for the temporary activation of public spaces including plazas, parks, street corners and laneways.

Public art, comfortable/sheltered seating and a kids playground tied for third - each receiving 11% of votes. BBQs/picnic tables and exercise equipment were less popular receiving 2 and 1 votes respectively. Interestingly, no one voted for free games – clearly, we need more chess players!