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Another great and fabulous year for Place Partners and I hope for you all also. This issue focuses what community building is, how we are doing it, as well as a wrap up of the year.
Welcome to the second issue of our quarterly newsletter, and thank you for all the great feedback we received from the inaugural issue. We will continue to endeavour to not only share our news but also stories from the international place making front, new research, inspiration, processes and projects.
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The trial park is the first stage in delivering a permanent future park envisioned under the Penrith City Centre Public Domain Masterplan. This is inspired by the approach of Tactical Urbanism, as coined by Mike Lydon: “short term action, long term change”.
Change – it just doesn’t stop The last five years have presented so many new challenges to urban professionals – it seems that everything that we thought was fixed is now flexible.
Kylie loves the Swap-O-Matic - a portable vending machine giving you the option to receive, donate or swap an item for another!
The Australian Government acknowledges that world class design and a focus on developing places for people can only be achieved through an integrated approach.
We have been active in our own community, participating in world PARK(ing) Day and installing a book share in an underutilised and vacant space. These efforts highlight the potential of collaborative urbanism.
Kylie speaking at the UNSW "Delivering for Diversity Symposium 2015
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Feature article on Kylie Legge and her new book 'Doing it Differently' in Central Sydney Newspaper.