Change – it just doesn’t stop The last five years have presented so many new challenges to urban professionals – it seems that everything that we thought was fixed is now flexible.
We are often asked about place making and the creation of new places. If there is no community how can you know what people will want and what they will value?
Another great and fabulous year for Place Partners and I hope for you all also. This issue focuses what community building is, how we are doing it, as well as a wrap up of the year.
We are seeing not only the rise of professional place making but also that of communal or community led place making – what we at Place Partners have termed 'Collaborative Urbanism'. If you love cities and want to get involved in making them better places for people, it seems this is the right time for you – as it is for us.
Oh what a year! A balance of inspiration and challenge has seen the team at Place Partners ready for our holiday break before the start of 2011 and whatever it will bring. 2010 has been a great year and we have had the opportunity to work on some fantastic projects in some great places around Australia.
Enjoy our overview of all things 'place'. We'll keep your finger on the pulse of global placemaking; projects, trends, events and generally cool stuff.