Kylie was asked to be a guest on Dubai Eye 103.8 to discuss place making in the UAE. The conversation focussed on place making, its role in inner city revitalisation and relevance to the UAE.
We are delighted to be the first recipient of Place Professionals Award by Place Leaders Asia Pacific. This award recognises an individual or organisation that has made a significant contribution to advancing place making through professional service provision, education and/or research.
Oh what a year! A balance of inspiration and challenge has seen the team at Place Partners ready for our holiday break before the start of 2011 and whatever it will bring. 2010 has been a great year and we have had the opportunity to work on some fantastic projects in some great places around Australia.
Enjoy our overview of all things 'place'. We'll keep your finger on the pulse of global placemaking; projects, trends, events and generally cool stuff.
Feature article on Kylie Legge and her new book 'Doing it Differently' in Central Sydney Newspaper.
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