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WE LOVE Renew Australia and Renew Newcastle! The 'Renew' campaign began in Newcastle in 2008 to revitalise a city centre in decay!
Emma LOVES Givebox - small wooden box that provides the community with a space to share clothes, books, games, candles and many other items no longer needed by the original owner.
The Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion have developed a mobile phone app that allows the user to access data on local issues in their area, and compare trends and current position against regional and national data.
WE LOVE Park(ing) Day - an annual world wide event that invites citizens everywhere to transform a local parking spot into a temporary park. We did it this year - check out the video!
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JOHN LOVES 'Give a Minute' - a campaign to engage an entire city by asking them to donate just one minute to their city through a variety of media.
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Patricia Kirk discusses recent trends in home occupancy and the developer's response to Gen Y's changing needs and expectations. Kirk uses a recent survey undertaken by the Urban Land Institute and an earlier study by RCLCO, to suggest that Gen Y's are moving housing demand from a predominantly suburban to a more mutlifamily urban context.
APRIL LOVES The RedBall Project. "When your working in public, and to me working in public doesn’t just mean that you’re putting a piece outside, working in public means you’re engaging the public imagination" - Kurt Perschke.
KYLIE LOVES the activation and ongoing management of Times Square, New York. A partnership between the Times Square Alliance and mmmm... creating three temporary furniture bowls that can seat up to 8 people.
So we've done chess, snakes and ladders, checkers and even badminton, so its no surprise we like these cool all weather all purpose ping pong tables - get one in your neighbourhood!
How can cities help save the future? Alex Steffen shows some cool neighborhood based green projects that expand our access to things we want and need -- while reducing the time we spend in cars.
This mini-doco presents some different perspectives towards skateboarding in the city, offering some really interesting ideas on how to include skaters in the planning process.