JOHN LOVES Melbourne's collaborative spirit! This video is an introduction to the League of Resonance; an exclusively inclusive club that focusses on the spirit of localisation.
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So we've done chess, snakes and ladders, checkers and even badminton, so its no surprise we like these cool all weather all purpose ping pong tables - get one in your neighbourhood!
The ‘Before I die...’ Project by Candy Chang is a good reminder that sometimes engaging with the community is also an act of community and cultural development, and certainly a significant contribution to place.
Kylie loves the Swap-O-Matic - a portable vending machine giving you the option to receive, donate or swap an item for another!
JOHN loves this library! Not your usual 'run of the mill' kind of space, this library is a fusion of street culture and represents the evolving place character of the City of Bordeaux.
JOHN LOVES 'Give a Minute' - a campaign to engage an entire city by asking them to donate just one minute to their city through a variety of media.
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We love Monocle Magazine! Launched in February 2007, Monocle provides a comprehensive look at current global affairs, culture and design.
Place Pulse is a website that allows anybody to quickly run an urban perception study and visualize the results in powerful ways.
The Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion have developed a mobile phone app that allows the user to access data on local issues in their area, and compare trends and current position against regional and national data.
Emma LOVES Givebox - small wooden box that provides the community with a space to share clothes, books, games, candles and many other items no longer needed by the original owner.
KYLIE LOVES collaborative consumption and its role as a technological community bridge - bringing the community together, to share ideas, exchange products and change behaviours.
WE LOVE Park(ing) Day - an annual world wide event that invites citizens everywhere to transform a local parking spot into a temporary park. We did it this year - check out the video!
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