Quality sidewalks and protected bicycle paths are not cute architectural features; they are a right, unless we believe that only those with access to a car have the right to safe individual mobility.

Enrique Peñalosa, former mayor of Bogotá, Colombia


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Our Process

"Urban places that attract people balance the social, economic, environmental and cultural” ~ Place Partners

At Place Partners we believe each city, town, street and public space has a unique identity that can be built on to create meaningful relationships between the people who use these spaces and the places themselves. We believe that a successful people place is a living system of relationships where each element plays an important role in the making of the whole. It is a civic ecosystem made up of a balance of social, economic, environmental and cultural aspects (SEEC). It is difficult to know how the removal of even one element might impact the whole. Like a game of pick-up sticks, the infrastructure of the place (soft and hard) could hold together with any number of its elements removed, or fall apart if a single relationship is altered.

Our place making approach has three clear stages; investigation and research, strategy development and implementation planning. We use the tools of community engagement, urban revitalisation, landscape assessment and place activation to deliver better places for people.


Place Studies

Understanding what a place is, and what it wants to be:

The history of a place, its people, local economy and its culture, are the essential foundation of the place making process. Thorough research into a location’s cultural narrative enables us to build its future story. Together with detailed place-based observation and mapping, and extensive conversations with the local community, themes emerge that inform the desired future character of the place.

Strategy Development

Identifying the unique character of a place and the framework for its delivery:

Genius Loci is a concept that accepts a place has its own character and identity that is inherently understood by its community. Place Partners develops strategic approaches to the creation or evolution of a place that work with its strengths and weaknesses and consider social, environmental, economic quadruple top line apporach.

Implementation Planning

Developing structure and tools for delivery:

Place making is accomplished with small steps, not grand gestures. Place Partners understands how the micro can flourish while still respecting the macro environment. We provide clear directions and recommendations for activating the public realm in a way that suits the character of the place and balances economic pressures. Planning for the micro in the early stages can set the foundation for sustainable activation and less need for place management.