The human backside is a dimension architects seem to have forgotten.

William H. Whyte


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Our Team

Place Partners has a network of collaborators who we bring together to reflect the needs of each specific project. Our expertise is based in formal architecture, planning and urban design education however our experience covers marketing, project management, events, graphic design, retail and landscape design.

Just as each place is unique so are its needs. For each project we work on we put together a team that best meets its particular requirements, either from within our working alliances or through our network of collaborators.

Kylie Legge, Director

Kylie Legge is a graduate of Architecture and holds a Masters in Social Science (Environment and Planning). She has over 15 years experience in the industry and has led projects across Australia, Asia and in the Middle East for councils, developers and state and national government agencies. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the complex task of place making and is committed to both independent research and rigourous practice to enhance the developing profession. Her passion is building the relationship between people and their environments through a fuller understanding of their physical, intellectual and spiritual needs.

Kylie is a well regarded speaker, trainer and facilitator and has presented at conferences and facilitated place making training and place making workshops for government and business globally. In 2012 her first book 'Urban Trends: Doing Things Differently' was published and she was a guest panellist at the US Pavillion at the Venice Architecture Biennale.

In June 2013 she was one of only 200 delegates invited to the UN Habitat conference "The Future of Places" where she was given a session to share her thoughts on the "Future of Place Making" and participated in the early planning of the UN Declaration on Public Spaces to be presented at Habitat 3 in 2016. In September 2013 Kylie's second book 'Urban Trends: Future City Solutions' was published.

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Juliet Suich, Place Maker

Juliet Suich has qualifications in Town Planning and Environmental Science, which she has put to use to gain many years of experience in place making, cultural and natural heritage management and community engagement.  She takes a people centred approach to planning, design and management of our environment. Juliet listens to stakeholders and brokers solutions to facilitate sustainable and socially inclusive responses to specific issues in unique places.  She has spent the last 5 years working towards social inclusion, activation with the diverse communities of Redfern and Waterloo.

Juliet is passionate about the urban cultural and natural environment and the contribution of  built and intangible heritage, indigenous flora and fauna, community gardens and access to fresh food to community well being and interaction. Juliet always seeks to understand the nature, history and unique qualities of a place and its community, to ensure these are conserved and enriched.  

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Shilpa Singh, Place Maker (Urban Design)

Shilpa Singh is an urban designer passionate about designing for people. She has more than four and half years of professional experience in urban design and architecture in Perth, India, and Singapore. In her pervious role working as an urban designer in Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, she worked on city-wide urban renewal projects in Perth. Earlier while working as an architect, she worked on wide range of international and local architecture & interior projects including residences, housing scheme (single & multi stories), retail and interior for corporate offices.

As a designer, Shilpa believes emotions, experiences and the power of stories should drive her design. She strives to add value through design details and regard for the users.

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Joe Simon Kadisha, Place Maker (Urban Design)

Joe Simon Kadisha is a graduate urban planner/designer and has played some key roles in various projects in Sydney, Hobart and Port-au-Prince. During his time in Australia Joe spent time working on a variety of large-scale public and private based projects around Sydney and Hobart, where he developed an interest in sustainable architectural responses in areas around these cities. Other projects that Joe has been involved in range from multi-residential through to mixed-use residential projects, such as the US Embassy Housing Project in Port-au-Prince, and also commercial, public realm planning and design project in Sydney.

Through these varied experiences Joe has gained expertise in sustainable site-responsive approaches to design. His interest lies in producing design concepts and graphic imagery that demonstrates and captures the most fundamental intent of each individual project, ever striving to create eloquent, timeless spaces grounded in aesthetic, ecological and environmental concerns.

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Kaz Alvarez, Place Maker (Communications and Design)

Kaz is a designer who cares about the environment and social equity. She has more than nine years of professional experience in the public and private sectors working in marketing and visual communications and has worked with creatives and architects who care about design and public space. She has also curated and styled special events.

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Emily O'Halloran, Junior Place Maker 

Emily is currently in her final year of university completing a Bachelor of Planning. Her studies have provided her with practical experience in both planning and human geography. She has had experience in university research projects studying the relationship between people and place, and more specifically pedestrian movements. More recently, Emily has had experience working alongside senior place makers on place making research and strategies. Having grown up in rural NSW, Emily has an appreciation for both regional and urban areas. She has an enthusiasm for participatory planning, ensuring the best possible result can be achieve in collaboration with the community. 

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