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Place making enhances project efficiency by providing a multi-disciplinary brief for the desired place that aligns and unifies the different professional silos

Kylie Legge, Place Partners


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Dandenong Placemaking Framework


The City of Greater Dandenong has engaged Place Partners to assist with the development of a Placemaking Framework for the Activity Centres' Revitalisation program. The aims of the Framework were to provide Council with direction in contributing to the vibrancy of the city's activity centres to ensure they continue to be unique and great places that express strong individual character.

Client testimonial:

"Developing a Place Making Framework has helped us to set clear principles and objectives for place making across three activity centres, so we can better leverage current projects and future investments towards measurable outcomes."
Manager Activity Centres Revitalisation, City of Greater Dandenong, Local Government Sector Victoria

Start date:

Fri, 14.11.2014

End date:

Tue, 30.06.2015