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Future Gladesville

Amendments to the Hunters Hill Consolidated DCP 2013 (Gladeville Village Centre )

Place Partners has been engaged by the Hunter’s Hill Council to deliver the Future Gladesville project: a community-led DCP amendment process for Gladesville Village Centre. An extensive range of community engagement activities was delivered in late 2014. The specific purpose of the engagement was to clarify and define community aspirations for the future character and function of the centre, and to reflect such values via objectives and controls in the amended DCP.

Community Engagement

The engagement was designed to incorporate a range of activities to capture the inputs of as wide a cross section of the Gladesville community as possible. The engagement plan considered the community’s social, environmental, economic and cultural trends, demographic profile as well as community responses to past engagement.

Amendments to Hunters Hill Consolidated DCP 2013

The community engagement outcome forms the basis for the DCP amendments. The DCP amendments reflect the community values and aspirations for development that contributes to an exceptional public domain, high levels of social and commercial activity and an identifiable character for the centre. The amendments also reflect the state government’s Metropolitan Strategy by providing guidance on how higher density development may be achieved while responding to the community voices.

Start date:

Thu, 25.09.2014

End date:

Fri, 25.09.2015