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Low, Taplin & Scheld, authors Rethinking Urban Parks


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Gold Coast Chinatown Retailers' Guide


Place Partners has been engaged by the City of Gold Coast to work with the Chinatown traders and develop a Retailers’ Guide that will support the look & feel and function of the cultural precinct, and assist current and future traders to improve their product offering.

Getting the buy-in from the Chinatown traders and land owners is critical to the success of the project as it would heavily depend on their desire to implement the Guide. A combination of engagement activities has been designed to inspire the traders and land owners to work towards a common goal and to obtain their input regarding their priorities and aspirations for the precinct.

In September 2015, Place Partners will deliver shopfront makeovers to illustrate how the Retailers’ Guide can be delivered at a relatively low cost in different types of businesses. The studies will later be used in the Guide as examples of what to do and how to do it.

Start date:

Thu, 25.06.2015

End date:

Fri, 30.10.2015