We have recently been commissioned by both private sector and government agencies to work closely with Kylie and her Place Partners team on challenging urban development projects in the United Arab Emirates, Perth and Melbourne. Place Partners are great collaborators; are always well researched and are at the forefront of global leading practice in their field.

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Madame Brussels Lane

Existing Places   
Translating strategy into reality

Place Partners were engaged by ISPT in 2013 to develop a Place Making Strategy for 50 Lonsdale Street in Melbourne: a mixed use commercial precinct with ground floor retail, commercial office towers, a conference centre and Madame Brussels Laneway (a publically accissible, privately owned laneway). 

The Strategy identified the need to create a more 'bright, graphic, textured' and comfortable experience in Madame Brussels Laneway to counterbalance the exposed, uncomfortable and stark environment that currently existed. 

In 2015, Place Parnters were comissioned by ISPT to turn the strategy into a reality; to develop a 'real' design and delivery schedule for the improvement of the laneway. This was a collaborative process, and involved working with three local artists who have produced large scale artworks for the space.

The transformation of the space has been dramatic, and for us the type of opportunity we hope to have more of in the future: to take a place from the strategy phase right through to implementation. 



Start date:

Wed, 01.10.2014

End date:

Fri, 01.05.2015