The human backside is a dimension architects seem to have forgotten.

William H. Whyte


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Oxford St Activators


The Oxford Street Activators are a group of aligned businesses, groups and individuals with a focus on delivering short-term change for long-term gain for the improvement of Oxford Street. As the result of an open workshop held on February 25 at UNSW Art & Design and facilitated by Ryan Reynolds (Gap Filler Christchurch) and Kylie Legge (Place Partners), workshop participants developed a series of ideas that they wanted to participate in delivering along Oxford Street.

The goals of the project are to:

  • Build on the creative culture of the area

  • Create pause points to slow down walkers and encourage interaction with the area and its businesses

  • Build partnerships and a collaborative approach to revitalization

Two projects are being actioned with assistance from the Matching Grants Program from the City of Sydney (1st Allocation 2015/2016):


This project uses words, poetry and prose to share positive messages about the area and its history, providing a pause point for people to reconnect with the environment.

A program of various installations and programs has been planned for this project including:

  • UNSW Art and Design ‘Special Project’ class. 13 different student projects are to be installed in and around Oxford St.

  • Laneway Learning. This is an organisation that runs a variety of informal evening classes where participants can learn something new in an inexpensive and fun environment. Thee classes are to be held at various venues on Oxford St as a means of attracting new clientele to the area.

  • Art murals. As part of Art and About, an interactive mural painting will be created with the assistance of Work-Shop – an organisation that provides affordable short courses in life skills and alternative art. The date and location of this event is yet to be determined


This project uses art works installed in empty or underutilised shop fronts to rebuild the local art gallery scene, provide a new local economy for artists that builds on the monthly art markets and connects to local pubs and restaurants through a program of artist talks.

A program of various installations and programs has been planned for this project including:

  • Art gallery across local business windows organised by UNSW Art and Design students in combination with administrative support from Place Partners

  • Christmas Windows Exhibition. Support from businesses will be encouraged to participate in the City of Sydney’s annual Christmas Windows Competition. A cluster of participating business would create an attraction and increase business cooperation

For more information on either of the two projects, you can contact Kylie Legge via

Start date:

Sun, 01.02.2015

End date:

Mon, 01.02.2016