I worked with Place Partners as part of a major design workshop for an urban regeneration project in Melbourne and would highly recommend them. Kylie provided insight and expertise whilst bringing energy to the process.

Phil Carter, ARUP


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Place Score

Place Partners new tool for place analysis & comparison

The Place Score tool provides a review of the positive and negative aspects of the user experience of places. We consider the 5 key aspects of place attraction and attachment to capture what’s working and also what needs to improve. Each place characteristic can receive a rating between 0-10 and the overall Place Score is out of 100. 

You can use the Place Score to: 

1. Capture a snapshot of your place 

2. Identify strengths and weaknesses 

3. Guide place enhancements and priorities 

4. Measure the positive impact of improvements 


For more information about getting a Place Score for your place, contact Kylie Legge at kylie@placepartners.com.au.

Start date:

Mon, 01.09.2014

End date:

Thu, 01.09.2016