I have been involved in local government / regional and economic development for a long time and I think your work was some of the best I have ever seen.



Brian O'Dwyer, Brimbank City Council


Place Partners is a specialist place making consultancy with an interdisciplinary approach to the creation and revitalisation of great people places. Read More >>


“Place making enhances project efficiency by providing a multi-disciplinary brief for the desired place that aligns and unifies the different professional silos”

At Place Partners our methodology is proven across a variety of scales and urban environments from main street to new town centre, a single residential development to a whole city.

Our strengths

- A commitment to delivering the most appropriate outcomes for the place and project

- Extensive experience across a range of projects; both local and international

- Community consultation & engagement with local communities in urban and rural environments across Australia, Asia and the UAE

- A proven ability to deliver a successful project on time and within budget

- A team of experienced collaborators across a variety of fields.

- Capacity to work with multi-disciplinary teams for public and private sector clients

Site Investigations and Analysis

Place Partners provides a range of on site investigations including place audits, movement and behavior mapping. Understanding how a place works now, or doesn’t work, allows for recommendations for enhancement that respond to each place specifically.

Masterplan Review

A specialized service, considering masterplans from a place making perspective, provides a unique analysis tool that may identify potential weaknesses in how a place works as a system. A place making review will consider the social, economic and cultural aspects of a place in reference to the physical structure determined by the planning.

Community Engagement and Social Research

Place Partners has extensive experience in working with local communities in urban and rural environments across Australia, Asia and the UAE. We utilise face to face and on line surveys, focus groups, workshops and other creative techniques.

Place Branding, Marketing & Activation

Our work with local shopping centres, parks and mainstreets focuses on identifying their strengths and building on them through communications, programming and place based improvements. These strategies are founded on the principle of achievable actions that all stakeholders can participate in.  Learn More >>

Place Frameworks and Place Making Strategies

These higher order strategic documents provide the interdisciplinary guidelines for the development of new places or the evolution of existing places. The process often includes many of the other services noted above. Learn More >>

Place Making Training & Mentoring

Place Partners provides place making training and mentoring services for government and corporate organisations. From presentations that introduce the basics of place making through to formal training programs we can develop a program that reflects each organisation’s needs. Learn More >>


At Place Partners we love to get creative and take a hands on approach so if your project needs a service not listed here, we’d like to talk with you about how we can help. Please contact us if you are interested in working with Place Partners, or download our company brochure.