Each of us brings such a private map along and revises it every time we step out the door. These maps have consequences not just for our feelings about the city but for our literal ability to negotiate it. 

Michael Sorkin, Twenty Minutes in Manhattan


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Top Trends

Here is the list of top place making trends we have come across lately. Do you agree?

- Baby boomers wanted houses with lawns, private cars and ownership of things. We are seeing less desire and demand for them from today’s generations – access rather than ownership!

- A campus heart is a social place – ‘clicks and mortar’ approach, an innovative, collaborative, hybrid place founded on partnerships, makes a successful campus.

- Sydney venues and shopping centres are going mad for the marketplace look and feel! Just consider few examples - the Coogee Pavilion, the Grounds expansion, Good Life expansion, Kitchen by Mike, the Stinking Bishops…

- More public benefit is expected from developers as the scope of Voluntary Planning Agreements is broadening to help developers help communities – they can offer new public amenities, low-rental retail spaces and others!

- Community organisations and businesses are drawing on the neighbourhood’s cultural diversity to activate their local parks, markets, pop-ups and food trucks and initiate community cohesiveness.

- Main street is missed – while the malls and shopping centres are still frequently visited, we miss our main streets and want to bring them back – their vibe, fresh air, opportunistic interactions.